Compromised by changing tides, the ship has left its course
Seeking for a distant light to guide us back to port
Is there any simple way for us to go?
Tangled up in the motion, swaying back and forth

~ Hollow Coves, Adrift


This post is not easy to write. Nevertheless, I decided to share my true journey instead of pretending everything went smoothly.

Last Year Recap

Since my first post over a year ago, I haven’t accomplished much. My goal was to spend an hour daily learning Machine Learning, with a focus on Computer Vision, but I achieved probably less than 10% of what I intended. Despite this, I made some progress, albeit minimal. I completed only one out of five Multivariable Calculus units at Khan Academy, started coding a simple Python dashboard for publishing Tweets using Flask, and watched 21 out of 41 videos from Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course. Additionally, I made minor improvements to this blog.

Summary and Future Plans

Although I made some progress, it was far from substantial. I am writing this post to honestly depict my journey and to regain motivation to move forward. I am considering returning to university, possibly in Innsbruck or Tübingen (or maybe some uni from this ML network?), to pursue a master’s degree in Machine Learning. To start these studies in autumn 2025, I need to prepare by mastering the necessary mathematics, becoming fluent in Python, and acquiring basic ML knowledge. This is easier said than done, especially with many distractions outside of work and a job that requires me to write React Native and Ruby code. And I really love playing sports, playing Heroes 3 and travelling ;)

Innsbruck - will I study there? Taken by me during hitchhiking in May 2023
Innsbruck - will I study there? Taken by me during hitchhiking in May 2023