You’re in control, is there anywhere you wanna go?
You’re in control, is there anything you wanna know?
The future’s for discovering
The space in which we’re travelling

~ Coldplay, Square One


So, here it is, day one on my Machine Learning journey. I hope this one does not end up like my 99.9% of GitHub projects! 😅

I got inspired to try it by my friend from university times, Piotr Skalski. He is a very experienced computer vision engineer, and yesterday he gave a very interesting talk regarding 3D pose estimation using the Yolov5 model. You can check out a video about it here. After a short discussion after his presentation, I decided it was time to get into Machine Learning and check out if this is something I would enjoy.


So, here’s the roadmap I intend to follow. I found it thanks to this YouTube channel.

I’ve already spent two hours relearning uni stuff like matrices, vectors, some basic calculus, etc. to get me prepared for the first topic - multivariable calculus.

After such a short time I can already tell that Khan Academy has great resources for learning math. I can recommend it, and it’s free ;)

Blog setup with AI

After revisiting basic math concepts, I decided to create this simple blog to track my progress and to post some other things occasionally. So, I spent the last three hours setting this thing up and rewriting code in the Geek theme (I liked the simplicity!) for Hexo, which I’m using for this blog.

By the way - the name of this blog was brought to you by Chat-GPT, and the logo was created by Midjourney. I doubt you have not used the first one, but if you have not try Midjourney I highly recommend playing with it on their Discord.

That’s all for now. It’s time to deploy the alpha version to Netlify! I will try to post there frequently on my steps & learnings.